Фондовый рынок становится слишком волатильным для вас?

Есть ли у вас какие-либо сомнения в том, что сейчас рынок имеет тенденцию падать или расти?
Вам трудно найти правильные точки входа и выхода?
The positions in my wikifolio GERMAN30 AUTOSIGNAL TRADING aimed at rising or falling prices of the German leading index DAX are based on automatically generated buy and sell signals of an automatic trading system especially created for this wikifolio. Factors such as alleged causalities on the news front and emotions that often lead to unfavorable decisions should be eliminated.

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Dear investors,
With more than 30 years of stock market experience in almost all asset classes and with a background in the financial area of aerospace technology, where risk management is of the utmost importance, I have concentrated on the creation of an automatic trading system in recent years. This trading system is designed to automatically generate buy and sell signals that are geared towards either rising or falling prices in the German DAX leading index. The trading system only looks at past price movements. News of any kind, for example quarterly results from DAX companies, economic figures or interventions by the European Central Bank do not play a role in the signals generated. Psychological aspects such as herd instinct and emotions should be excluded in this way when buying and selling.
In response to the frequently asked question as to whether I could also trade for potential investors, while searching for a practicable approach, I came across the wikifolio.com platform, which enables interested investors worldwide to benefit from my trading performance. The platform wikifolio.com is located in Austria and Germany, among other places, and is therefore subject to the strict laws of these countries. For more detailed information about the platform, see INDEX CERTIFICATES, for more details on my trading strategy, see GERMAN30 AUTOSIGNAL TRADING.



Wikifolio.com в целом это социальная торговая платформа, которая позволяет трейдерам публиковать свои торговые стратегии бесплатно через условный эталонный портфель, называемый wikifolio. Потенциальные инвесторы имеют возможность напрямую воспользоваться ноу-хау этих трейдеров и могут инвестировать в сертификаты, выпущенные Lang & Schwarz AG, которые точно отражают эти wikifolios. Вы можете купить эти сертификаты непосредственно через ваш банк, онлайн-брокера или через Lang & Schwarz, используя соответствующий ISIN (= международный идентификационный номер ценных бумаг) и можно купить на фондовых биржах в Штутгарте (c 8:00 до 20:00 CET), BX Swiss или непосредственно через Lang & Schwarz (c 7:30 до 23:00 CET)Минимальный депозит соответствует цене покупки соответствующего викифолио в евро. Согласно wikifolio.com сертификаты обеспечены залогом, что означает, что убытки от общего риска эмитента, связанного с инвестициями в сертификаты, в значительной степени хеджируются. Вам не нужно регистрироваться по адресу wikifolio.com.

Мои частные транзакции публикуются мною и моей командой на странице wikifolio.com. Там вы можете увидеть фактическую, текущую не монипулируемую производительность моего wikifolio GERMAN30 AUTOSIGNAL TRADING и, среди прочего, вы можете найти много других ключевых фигур вместе с информацией об отдельных позициях, а также мои комментарии и ISIN. Этот викифолио является флагманом всех моих викифолио.

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As already mentioned, this trading system can automatically generate buy and sell signals that are geared to either rising or falling prices of the DAX index. The trading system only looks at past price actions. The system is optimized for leverage products, which means that the number and loss amount of loss trades should be reduced to an absolute minimum. However, you can also use the system for a stock portfolio, but then you have to interpret the signals differently in some cases, there are clear guidelines for this and you are welcome to contact me regarding this subject. The system is also geared towards swing trading and not intraday trading, better known as "day trading". This is because the system takes advantage of weekly and monthly price changes of the DAX and not price changes within a trading day, especially since the minute or hourly price movements often do not indicate in which direction the index will move later in the day. In addition, you often miss the not inconsiderably large price movements that take place outside of regular trading hours, such as those that occur in Asia. The higher volatility of an insecure stock market can therefore be better exploited with this trading system. The holding period of the individual positions can range from a few days to several months. In principle, the positions should only be selected by technical analysis, using line charts and stochastics in particular. As already mentioned, news of any kind play no role in the generated signals. Psychological aspects such as herd instinct but also emotions should therefore be excluded when buying and selling. Typically, there are a maximum of only a handful of trades annually, so the costs incurred by the spread as well as buying and selling costs should be kept as low as possible. There are often time windows of several months between trades in which this automatic trading system does not generate any signals and, depending on the market situation, one or more relatively low-risk inline warrants with the DAX or a DAX stock as an underlying can be included in the portfolio in the meantime, such that in the meantime a small yield can still be achieved. Please note, however, that all information should not be understood as investment advice or a buy recommendation, since I am a professional trader and not a licensed investment advisor.
You can see my automatic trading system in the following screenshot, which is updated regularly and is also provided with the date and time. All signals and the text with the performance data are generated completely automatically. A green upward pointing triangle symbolizes a new long signal, a green square is a sell signal, so a long exposure is sold there. Conversely, a red downward pointing triangle symbolizes a new short signal and a red square a cover signal, so a short exposure is sold there. The performance of any pending trade and several past trades can be seen through the symbols in the chart and the text:



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Удачи в инвестировании!
Стефан Хаузен, профессиональный трейдер

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