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with more than 30 years trading experience in almost all asset classes, I focused on trading in precious metals, precious metal mines and streaming companies as well. Especially during uncertain times and volatile stock markets investors should invest between 5% and 15% of the total capital to be invested in precious metals for diversification and hedging purposes, at least according to relatively many professional investment advisors. In response to the frequently asked question as to whether I could also trade for potential investors, while searching for a practicable approach, I came across the platform, which enables interested investors worldwide to benefit from my trading performance. For more detailed information about the platform, see INDEX CERTIFICATES, for more details on my trading strategy, see GLOBAL PRECIOUS METAL SELECTION.


INDEX CERTIFICATES in general is a social trading platform that allows traders to publish their trading strategies free of charge through a notional reference portfolio called a wikifolio. Potential investors have the opportunity to directly benefit from the know-how of those traders and can invest in the index certificates issued by Lang & Schwarz AG, which exactly mirrors those wikifolios. You can buy these index certificates directly through your bank, online broker or through Lang & Schwarz using the according ISIN (= International Securities Identification Number) and can be traded on the stock exchanges in Stuttgart (8:00am-8:00pm CET), BX Swiss or directly through Lang & Schwarz (7:30am-11:00pm CET). The current CET (Central European Time) is shown at the bottom of the page. The minimum deposit is the purchase price of the particular wikifolio in Euro. According to the index certificates are collateralized, which means that losses from a general issuer risk associated with certificate investments are largely hedged. You do not need to register at The platform is based in Austria and Germany, and is thus subject to the accordingly strict laws of these countries.



The wikifolio GLOBAL PRECIOUS METAL SELECTION is primarily intended to contain precious metals, however medium-sized and small precious metal mines and streaming & royalty companies as well, as these would usually benefit particularly from rising gold prices. In some cases, individual positions may also include leverage products for hedging purposes. With optimal and broad diversification and from my point of view best selection of the individual positions, the risk should be reduced as far as possible. Therefore, the GLOBAL PRECIOUS METAL SELECTION wikifolio should normally contain at least five according individual positions when fully invested. The holding period of the individual positions can range from a few days to several years. The individual positions are basically to be selected both through technical and fundamental analysis, with particular reference to line charts and quantitative corporate analysis.

On the page you can see the overall, actual, current and non-manipulable net performance of my wikifolio GLOBAL PRECIOUS METAL SELECTION and also other key figures, the ISIN, information on individual positions as well as my comments can be found there.
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If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to chat with me personally, I am at your disposal daily between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. CET (CET: see below). Outside mentioned hours and especially if you have detailed questions, please contact me via the contact form:



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